Here are the rules & regulations of the Madden 20 Tournament hosted by CSS, Murican Uniforms, & Nekton Sports. The tourney is a 16 team bracket single loss elimination format. 

1) Payment must be made via Venmo to "Customsportssleeves--CSS" for the amount of $10 to be properly entered into the tourney pool.

  • There will be no refunds given once payment is placed unless we do not have enough players slotted.

2) Participant will choose one of the two selected time slots to play the first round of 16 game. Each participant will be notified of who they are playing prior to the time slot starting. They then will play the game and the winner will take a photo and send that photo to us via Instagram. The winner will then be notified later that night who his next opponent is. A time to play the next game will then be agreed upon and the same format follows until a champion is crowned.

  • If one participant misses or does not log in to play the game, he automatically forfeits. Any other problems will be dealt with on a case by case basis

3) PRIZE AWARDS IS AS FOLLOWS: First place receives $80 via Venmo. Second place receives a 40% discount site wide on all gloves, visors, & sleeves.

4) Participants are allowed to choose whichever team they like in any round. So they can choose one team in the round of 16 and another in the round of 8.