This page shouldn't be about us, because at Custom Sports Sleeves it is all about you. At CSS we create our products for you. We are the only compression apparel company that gives you access to over 30 color options as well as the ability to customize your products how you want them. Ever see a cool arm sleeve or compression shirt on a pro athlete and search the internet looking for that product? Most likely you will not find it. The big name brands create custom products for the athletes as a marketing tool and then sell everybody else the generic stuff. That’s not cool. That’s also not how we do things at Custom Sports Sleeves. You’ll find our performance gear on top college and pro athletes, and the same customization available to them is available to the everyday athlete. We do this because all athletes are important to us. To play good you must feel good whether it is your first year in little league or your first game in the pros.

So, which athletes are wearing CSS gear? We can’t tell you. For real! They are private, paying customers of ours and protected under our privacy policy. We can tell you that top college and professional athletes in many sports wear our gear and order regularly. We have a variety of athletes from all-stars to pro-bowlers sporting our gear. At CSS we don’t do endorsement deals. If you need to pay people millions of dollars to wear your stuff as the big name brands do, then there is something wrong. Gear should be good enough that players want to wear it and that’s how it is with CSS. In fact many pros who have endorsement deals with the big guys still buy and wear our gear because in many ways it is superior and because we offer customization the way they want it.

We’ll treat you the same way we treat our pro customers and that’s why you should choose Custom Sports Sleeves. We are the authority and leader when it comes to arm sleeves. "Wear it on your sleeve!"