Aside from standing out on the field with your compression sleeves, they do offer more than what originally meets the eye:
Blood Circulation: When athletes get injured, a side effect is often bad blood circulation around the muscles by the injury. The compression from our products allow for the muscles to properly circulate the blood from the heart to the injury creating less inflammation and swelling leading to faster recovery times to get back onto the field.
Protection from UV Sun Rays: Standing out on the field all day may be fun and exciting, but it is important to remember that the sun constantly beats down on the field which is very harmful for your skin in the long term. Skin cancer has become more and more prevalent so protecting your skin from the Sun's harmful UV rays is vital. Our sleeves do just that. Whether you are running down the football field or biking across the island, our sleeves will protect your skin from the UV rays which thus lessens your chance of getting skin cancer later on in life.  
Keeps Muscles Loose & Warm: Since our sleeves are made to the dimensions of our customer, each sleeve is designed to have a compression fit while also not be to tight so that the muscles can remain relaxed and loose. The compression not only loosens but also keeps the muscles loose throughout the game leading to less cramps and better on field performance. The compression sleeves also keep the muscles warm as well which is perfect for those cold, frigid nights on the football or baseball field. 
Recover After Workouts: One of the best effects of wearing the compression products is that they help the muscles recover more quickly from your workout or game allowing you to be less sore the day after. We all have been there: after that grueling 60 minute workout we begin to dread the days after of constant soreness while doing every day movements. The compression helps greatly with this because of the designed dimensions of our products to allow for better blood flow leading to a quicker recovery.